Wednesday, May 25, 2016

This URL? C'mon Man. Seriously?

Yeah...that's right.  JakeParrillo dot MBA.

That's, um, bought and used with my tongue firmly pressed into my cheek.  So, let's get that out of the way straight-away.  Do I have an MBA?  Yeah, I do.  But, the 'spirit' of the Account guy with his MBA is what we're talking about here:  how someone like me fits into the new world order of Agency life.

As any do-nothing blogger usually does, let me first tell you what I plan on covering here (instead of actually just writing about it!).  To set the record straight, I plan on using this blog as a venue to talk about the ever-evolving dynamics of a generalist who 'sits' on the account side of the biggest Public Relations organization in the world that is undergoing a transformation to a 'Communications Marketing' firm.

The biggest part of that transformation is the notion of bringing in 'creative'.  That means, creative people, I suppose.  But it also means that we're now calling just certain people 'creative'.  And Account people?  We're just Account.  But, we have MBAs, I guess?


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